TODD BRAND Consulting
  Professional Registered Parliamentarians are experts in meeting rules (such as Robert's Rules). 
Todd is trained and experienced to help your annual general meeting (AGM), board meetings, organizational meetings, elections and other events to proceed fairly and efficiently. 
Every organization is unique and Todd can customize services to meet your needs.​​
Professional Presiding Officer
  • serve as meeting chair for AGM or other meetings
  • provide neutral chair for difficult decisions and contenious issues
  • assist meeting to proceed efficiently and fairly
Meeting Parliamentarian
  • advise chair before and during meetings
  • script preparation
  • assist with meeting planning
  • assist with agenda planning
Opinion Writing
  • prepare professional opinion on parliamentary issues and concerns
  • provide advice on how to improve your meetings (any kind)
  • troubleshoot procedural problems and help overcome hurdles that are diminishing your meeting effectiveness
  • draft original bylaws
  • revise existing bylaws
Training Seminars & Workshops
Custom seminars or workshops on topics including:
  • how to use Robert's Rules effectively; tailored to the size and formality of your organization
  • meeting effectiveness and improvement
  • understanding parliamentary procedure
  • effective board chairing
  • effective board membership