TODD BRAND Consulting
Parliamentarian Services​
Todd Brand, M.A., PRP
Professional Registered Parliamentarian
Efficient and fair decision making is essential for all organizations. Todd can assist your organization to make the most of your meetings. Offering a wide range of customized services for any size of organization, contact Todd to see how his services can assist you.

Todd offers a full range of parliamentary services including professional presiding (meeting chair), meeting parliamentarian (advising chair), bylaw review & revision, parliamentary opinion writing and workshops/seminars in parliamentary procedure (Robert's Rules).
Todd Brand, M.A., PRP is an expert in meeting rules. Todd's background and training in organizational leadership span over twenty years. Todd currently serves as Chair of one of Canada's fastest growing school divisions. His education and wide experience cover many unique organizations and come together in his ability to coach, lead and train others for organizational effectiveness and his ability to provide exceptional parliamentary services.